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new blog
desmei wrote in juken_thebass
Ju-ken has a new blog on ameblo:

with a new picture from a GLANZ photoshoot as the header:


Takako has some small pictures from that photoshoot as links on her blog.

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Sweet! Thanks for the info! I like that header.

You're welcome! I wish they'd post more pictures from that photoshoot. Looking at his profile on there, I think I found something new that's coming out soon: (probably the 春一番 Music Video/BAND Version; I'm pretty sure that's him on the cover.)

I'd welcome ANYTHING more with him! Hopefully VAMPS will put out plenty of pics of the sexy man. I've been doing a 365 days of Ju-ken on my pc. I put up a different picture of him each day as my background. I haven't even gotten into my big folder yet.

I noticed he's getting a new bass made for himself. I wonder if he designed whatever the front is going to look like. He has a good eye for beauty.

YAY! i can see him on my network now. <3

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