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Ju-ken with Heath
desmei wrote in juken_thebass
This is Heath's (X-Japan) PV for "Crack Yourself" from 1998; it features a beardless and longish-haired Ju-ken on bass. There's an article with pictures from the filming (including one with Ju-ken in the background) in jrock_scans.

On second look, this is not the PV but a TV performance; it still features Ju-ken on bass, though. There's also another one for Mind.

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If you hadn't have told me I wouldn't have known it was him...well besides his bass playing. Thank you for posting. I've been on a "collect everything you can find" kick lately. It's nice to have something else to add to the collection.

If I hadn't already known he was there, I might have recognized him from the way he moves, but I'm not sure. Are you looking for anything specific? I have a lot of random stuff that I could upload.

The only specifics I need is him! XD

I've got most of the VAMPS concerts I can find but Hyde and Kaz are camera whores and don't give him enough love (and I really don't like the music just the bassist). I've got three concerts he did with Hotei. I would like to have a couple of those concerts that aired on WOW when he was with Gacktjob. I have very little with him in that group performance wise. I've got a couple of the platinum boxes but I would rather have him performing.

I have more than I thought I did.

I've got all of the DVDs with Gackt (6th Day/7th Night, Diabolos, Drug Party; if you're on jpopsuki, they're all up there). I'm pretty sure I have the TV versions of 6D7N and Diabolos, though I don't know what format I have them in or how different they are than the DVD versions (I know the TV of Diabolos has the gift-giving in the middle, which didn't make it to the DVD). With Hotei, there's Monster Drive Party, All Time Super Best, Super Soul Sessions (HoteixBrian SetzerxChar), and the Funky Punky Tour. I have all of those except Super Soul Sessions, but I think few songs from it is still on youtube. With Anna Tsuchiya, he was on her 1st live DVD Blood and Roses; I have some other random lives of hers as well. He's on the ends DVD Total Tone Live 2005. I also have an extremely low quality Oblivion Dust live with him. I know he toured with Liv (Oshio Manabu/押尾学); I think there's some on youtube (here, for example; search for Liv Oshio Manabu or Liv 押尾学).

It's not quite the same thing, but I have a ton of TV performances (I think all the Gackt, a few Masaharu Fukuyama, Anna Tsuchiya, Becky, a Day After Tomorrow (I think), a random guy from 1998, maybe a Liv and a Mai Hoshimura). He was also on a couple of episodes of Bokura no Ongaku (Tomoyasu Hotei x Char & Anna Tsuchiya x AI); those might actually be live performances.

I have a ton of PVs, though being in a PV does not necessarily mean he played on the song.

It's not video, but I have rips of CDs from Crave and Hellmetz.

I've got the Gackt dvds and I believe they are different from the tv shows. I've got all of the Hotei dvds but the super soul session. I've only seen a few clips on youtube of Ju playing that flame designed bass. I've got the Anna dvd and that OB live. It's the TV performances that I don't have any of. I don't think I have any with the exception of one or two when he was with Gacktjob.

As for the PVs....I like looking at him as much as I do listening to him play. Just because he may not have played on the song is a rather moot point to me. (is a shameless fangirl)

The TV version of the Gackt's Diabolos live is up on jpopsuki in with the DVD version; I may try to upload the 6D7N one.

I've uploaded some stuff here; a few lives with Anna Tsuchiya and a bunch of TV performances with various people and several with Gackt.

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