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Another random PV appearance
desmei wrote in juken_thebass
While looking for something else on youtube, I ran across this PV for Mai Hoshimura's "Believer", which features Ju-ken on bass:

I was confused about the Heath video I posted previously; it's not the PV, it's a TV appearance. It does still have him on bass (and there's another one for Mind).

In other news, his band GLANZ is on hiatus due to Takako (vocals) leaving the band.

I have a list of PVs that I know of that he's appeared in here; I also have some other stuff (TV apperances, lives) listed here.

VAMPS_Photo on twitter sometimes has pictures of Ju-ken, like these:

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oh how i missed him,,, T..T

Thank you! More goodies! I've come to the realization that I like Heath's stuff so having a chance to see Ju strut his stuff while listening to Heath is an added plus. He was so busy dancing around and having fun in Mind that he forgot he was supposed to be playing that bass at times.

I really like him in that first pic. He seems so normal? He's got great cheekbones and a mouth to die for. Okay, turning off the fangirling now. :D

I still think it's sad that every time I go to save something, Ju's folder pops up automatically.

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