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desmei wrote in juken_thebass
In non-VAMPS news, Ju-ken will be performing in two Anis (monoral) acoustic lives on August 16 (one in the evening, one at midnight); there's more information in his blog.

Ju-ken had a couple of pictures and a short interview in the VAMPS article in the most recent CD Data scanned by noi_himura in jrock_scans; there's a much better quality version of the page there.
 photo ju-ken-201307-vamps-cddata0708.jpg

The VAMPS USA Street Team is translating VAMPS diary entries; sometimes Ju-ken is pictured:
 photo ju-ken-20130702-vamps-diary.jpg photo ju-ken-20130722-vamps-diary.jpg photo ju-ken-20130714-vamps-diary.jpg

The making of VAMPS Ahead PV is on youtube; he's also in the video for Replay (which I haven't screencapped yet):
 photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making6.png photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making1.png photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making5.png photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making4.png photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making2.png photo ju-ken-2013-vamps-ahead-making3.png

He has a bass in collaboration with Sugi and Rudies, which was available at the Tokyo Guitar Show at the end of June:
 photo ju-ken-2013-sugi-rudies.jpg photo ju-ken-2013-sugi-rudies-tgs2.jpg photo ju-ken-2013-sugi-rudies-tgs.jpg photo ju-ken-2013-rudies.jpg

There's also a Ju-ken fan page on facebook; it's mostly pictures.

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Yes it is and I've had a ball raiding...I mean drooling over the pictures. Seriously though, I thought it might be your FB page so I didn't post anything up. Thanks so much for all the links. I wish I could find someone to translate that interview. Maybe when one of my friends gets proficient enough I could get them to do it.

Thanks also for the link to the Vamps USA Street Team.

 photo 398257_475431152488052_1386126819_n.jpg

I've been wondering if this was taken in his home. It's not a hotel room from the picture and the box holding his glasses and writing materials.

You're welcome! I've seen more pictures of him smiling in the VAMPS diary entries, which makes me happy. I guess it's because they are mostly candid photos.

I don't think I've seen that picture before. It's probably someone's home, and might be his.

Speaking of interviews, I ran across a Spanish-language translation of his Monthly VAMPS interview from 2009 here

OMG! I love you! It's so much easier for google to translate spanish into something understandable. The interview was interesting. I can't believe he didn't learn bass until he was 17. Thank you so much for posting links and pics. I can never have too much Ju-Ken info. :)

Hello desmei,

I'm the admin the fb-fanpage of Ju-ken the bass.

Thank you for the support the fanpage :D


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